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"Have you ever wanted to send a friend a whole set of photos that you’ve already posted on Flickr? Rather than bother with the hassle of email, or forcing your friends to download the pictures one by one, a newly launched free service makes it as easy as clicking a button."


"Flick and Share is a completely free webapp that lets you share one single link with somebody that will allow them to download an entire Flickr photo album as one package."


"Flick and Share is a web app that creates simple download links for Flickr sets that you can send to family and friends, allowing them to quickly download a copy of the images you shot at an event. We’ve tested it out, and it works as advertised."


"Flickr is probably the first website that pops into your head when you think about sharing photos. Displaying and viewing albums in Flickr has always been a pleasant experience, but what if you want to share or download a whole album? FlickandShare is a cool app that lets you share complete Flickr sets to your friends that they can download in one click."

Feedbacks, comments & tweets

Zee: "Can't believe it took so long for a tool like this to arrive."

Wil C. Fry: "It looks like a great service, and exactly what everyone is asking Flickr to do."

jakobh: "Great tool!"

david pavlicko: "I'll be uploading a lot more photos to flickr now for sure."

TwittAurora: "Finally a good one app to share my pics on Flickr! @flickandshare"

milestuttle: "I really like Flickr. Like it even more now that I can share sets with flickandshare"