Your shared set

Akicon 2013

by Don Mums

Download methods

Download with Chrome Browser

If you are using Chrome you can download the set directly from your browser:

  1. Be sure you are using Google Chrome Browser.
    If not, download it from here and reload this page in Chrome.
  2. Click the "Download the set" button below.
  3. Press the "Download!" button inside the next page.
Download the set

Download with your prefered download manager

As an alternative you can get the list of photos so you can download them in your preferred way, like:

Get list of photos

Sensei, show me the way.


In a hurry and just want to see the pictures?
Thi slideshow will come in handy and you can also share the link of the page with anyone on the web for a quick look at your pictures.

Open slideshow
It seems like you are using Firefox,
you should try the "DownThemAll!" add-on
It looks you're not using Firefox,
check if there's a download manager for your browser!

How to download from the list?

Using "DownThemAll!" with Firefox

Connect to the DownThemAll! website and install the add-on in just a few clicks, you can then download all the link in the page opening the DownThemAll! window.

Using wget on Linux

Just write the following command on the console:

cd ~
wget -i
The files will be downloaded to your home folder! If you're missing the wget tool on Ubuntu/Debian you can install it with this command:
sudo apt-get install wget

Using a download manager with another browser

Head over here and choose a download manager that works with your browser!