This service is in public beta. We welcome all suggestions and we are improving it day-by-day, so check us out often.
If you have any question that is not covered on this page just contact us.

How does this work?

Our aim is to help you easily share an entire Flickr set, so you and your friends can download all the photos at full resolution for printing or backup purpose. Our web page connects directly to Flickr HQ, authenticates you and let you choose which set to download, giving back a unique private link that you can share with friends and family. If you want to learn more about the technology and the people behind this product let us know.

Do you store a copy of my photo? Should I worry about my copyright?

We do not store a copy of your photo and we value very highly your privacy. We do store on our databases links to your full-size pictures and give them to users connecting to the private url generated when you share a set. We do not store any of your personal info and we will never require your Flick password! You don't even have to register with us: just use your Flickr account, get the link and go-on with your life!

Can I share and download sets of any Flickr user?

No, you can only share sets that are in your Flickr account! If you want to download a set of one of your friends point him to this website and let him share his sets: just be sure he gives you back the private links.

This is awesome! Do you accept donations?

Yep! You can easily and safely make your online donation through PayPal. Click here to help us!

I've found a bug: something is not working as it should!

We're sorry to hear that! Be sure to let us know and we will be working as soon as possible to fix things up!

How long does the sharing link remain active?

We still have to define a policy on that, let's just say that for now links do not expire. At the end of our beta phase we may introduce an expire date of 60 days after the last download but don't worry: you'll be able anytime to share again a set for free.